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Customer Experience Management Services

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We are ‘everything customer experience’ business advisers that work with organisations to improve top and bottom line financial performance by improving the experiences of both customers and employees. Our key Customer Experience Management services are:

Voice of the Customer – VoC (Voice of the Customer) brings the customer’s views right into the heart of the organisation, helping the business to remodel around them. It can be implemented as a research programme or a closed-loop feedback system. Click here to find out more.

Customer Journey Mapping – Customer Journey Mapping sits at the very heart of Customer Experience transformation. It helps the business to apply a chronological perspective to their relationships with customers. Click here to find out more.

Customer Experience…isn’t something you do. It’s something the customer gets. We work with organisations to remodel the way they work to meet the expectations of their customers. Click Away!

Customer Retention – Retention isn’t just about persuading customers to stay at the end of a set period. Customer churn can happen at any customer touchpoint and any point in time. Clicketty Click!

Business Transformation – Customer and Employee Experience Management are both business transformation practices, however, as well as larger programmes, we work with businesses on specific elements of change. Want to find out more? You know what comes next…

Training – Making ‘change’ stick can be one of the most difficult things a business can achieve, and training is a key element to embedding. We work with companies on building transformational training programmes for customer centricity and specific areas of business focus. Go on then!