Voice of the Customer

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VoC (Voice of the Customer) brings the customer’s views right into the heart of the organisation, helping the business to remodel their strategy and business operations around them. Voice of the Customer can be implemented as a research programme or as a closed-loop feedback system, enabling the business to provide resolutions to customer issues in the right place and at the right time, as well helping the business to identify the root cause of recurring issues. Many companies have been switching away from transactional NPS to Voice of the Customer closed-loop systems, believing them to be a more accurate feedback mechanism.

A Voice of the Customer research programme is typically a one-off exercise, which takes the business through a four-step process, namely:

1. VoC – Focus Groups – asking customers to describe their expectations of a world class provider
2. VoC – Qual to Quant – prioritisation of customer expectations
3. VoC – Surveys – understanding importance and performance scores for the prioritised expectations
4. VoC – Analytics -analysis of results

This helps the business to:

1. Identify customers’ expectations of a world-class provider and the relative importance of these expectations
2. Understand the business’ current performance against the expectations
3. The mapping of importance and performance scores of the expectations to the customer journey framework to understand current customer journey performance, ideal customer journey performance, moments of truth, pain points and performance gaps across the customer journey
4. Other key insights such as brand differentiators, satisfaction drivers, retention drivers, repurchase intentions and recommendation intentions

We offer the following Voice of the Customer propositions:

VoC Research Programme
VoC System Set Up
VoC System Tune-Up

Other insight methodologies are detailed here.

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