4. Design

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Designing customer and employee experiences can involve several different steps including defining the cultural context for change through Mission, Vision & Values Statements; the setting of business objectives; the creation of Customer and Employee Promises & Commitments; the creation of detailed future-state Customer Journeys for different channels and customer segments (by stages and phases); the creation of detailed future-state Employee Journeys for different roles and functions; and the identification of gap-closing initiatives to bridge the gaps between existing and future-state customer and employee experiences.

These PDFs describe our support solutions in more detail:

Mission & Vision Workshops
Values Workshops

Objective Setting Workshops

Promises and Commitments
Customer Promises & Commitments Workshops
Employee Promises & Commitments Workshops

Journey Mapping – Phase 2 – Design
Future State Customer Journey Mapping Workshops
Future State Employee Journey Mapping Workshops

Customer Initiative Workshops
Employee Initiative Workshops