2. Understand

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Understanding involves gathering insight in three ways, namely Research-Based, Operational Diagnostic and Strategic Assessment; and then using the data to build a metrics dashboard to assess ongoing Customer Experience performance, and to build the ‘As-Is’ Experience Curves that help the business to understand the current and desired states of its experiences for customers and employees. At this stage, the organisation also considers its strategic market position relative to the competition and also undertakes an assessment of its readiness & capability to undertake significant transformational change.

These PDFs describe our support solutions in more detail:

Customer Research
Voice of the Customer (VoC) – Research Programme
Voice of the Customer (VoC) – System Set-Up
CES Set-Up
Mystery Shopping – Contact Centre Review
Mystery Shopping – Retail Review

Employee Research
VoE – Research Programme

Journey Mapping – Phase 1 – Understanding
Customer Experience Curves Formulation
Employee Experience Curves Formulation

Strategic Market Analysis
Organisational Maturity, Readiness and Capability Assessment

Operational Diagnostics
Diagnostic Workshops
Diagnostics – Walking the Process

CE Dashboard Set-Up – Perception & Performance Based Measures
CE Dashboard – integrating into the Balanced Scorecard