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Our People

With over 20 years of customer experience, marketing & consultancy experience, Jericho has helped business leaders and board members around the world smash their way through those annoying and energy-draining functional silos to focus on common objectives. We have helped some of the world’s leading brands to see themselves and the world around them in the only way that makes sense.

Jericho was founded on the belief that Customer Experience Management can make a real difference. Considered to be thought-leaders within the Customer Experience arena, we have helped to create clarity and perspective in the murky waters of today’s still embryonic CX world.

As a business transformation specialists, we pride ourselves on not only working with companies to define world-beating strategies, but also on making them happen; and more importantly making them stick. Our perspective on the concept of value has helped many organisations in many different sectors to successfully align their Customer Experience goals with improved top and bottom line performance.


Jericho has a core team of consultants that it works with on projects, however has a network of associates that it calls upon for larger scale pieces of work. Our resources are easily scalable to match the requirements of each particular engagement.