Defining Customers and Segments

If a business has more than one 'type' of customer, then it must have more than one customer journey. Before customer experiences can be understood and transformed, the business must first define what customers are, at both individual and group level:

Understanding Customer Experiences

There are a number of different approaches an organisation can employ to understand their customers' experiences. The selection process depends upon circumstances, preferences and required/ desired outcomes:

Transforming Customer Experiences

Once current experiences have been understood, the organisation needs to identify how they need to change before making that change happen. The degree of change, as well as the levels of innovation & personalisation the organisation wishes to employ, must also be defined:


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Strategic Direction

Before a Customer Experience transformation takes place, many organisations want to understand where they currently sit in the mind of the customer and versus the competition. Some may even want to set out the strategic direction, develop a plan for change and set themselves objectives for the programme and business:

Culture, Employee Experience and Training & Development

How you go about implementing change is as important as the change itself. Establishing appropriate cultural norms, developing brand promises and embedding best practice is essential when aiming for 'best in class' or 'world class':

Customer Experience Measurement

Prior to embarking on a Customer Experience transformation exercise, many organisations don't have a completely clear view on current performance. As well as establishing a baseline,
ongoing measurement & assessment of Customer Experience performance is an essential part of making sure the organisation continues to hit its objectives:

What our clients say

“…conducted the customer experience transformation program with a high level of expertise, excellent understanding of the internal business culture and delivered the results on time and exceeded even our expectations.”

Jericho - Customer Experience Consultancy
Radu Ciocan
Group Director Customer Experience

...helped us to shape and implement our Customer Experience strategy. …inspirational, challenging and fun, helping the business to look at the world in a different way. …both knowledgeable and focused, going the extra mile to keep the project in scope and on schedule. I wholeheartedly recommend.”

Jericho - Customer Experience Consultancy
Salwa Khoury
Customer Experience Director

"Enthusiastic, challenging and extremely knowledgeable about customer retention, devising and implementing several valuable initiatives, particularly in the inbound customer contact area, which have delivered significant benefits. Highly recommended. A pleasure to work with.”

Customer Experience Consulting
Tony Beckwith
Chief Executive Officer

"They did a fantastic job of helping us understand our customer’s wants and needs. The task of breaking down each of our customer’s journeys into segments and personas was harder than I initially thought. However the results enabled us to get inside each of the customer’s heads and identify opportunities for improvement and ways to truly WOW them! What a great experience!"

Jericho - Customer Experience Consultancy
Major North American Airline
Process and Procedures Coordinator

"Working with Amadeus & the customer experience consultancy, we created the hypothesis of what our possible market segments were. Then we took five year's of data and analysed it against our hypothesis to see whether there were a reasonable amount of people in each of the (theorised) segments and whether they are really acting based on their segment profile, (in the process) identifying seven key segments of importance to us. Three of the segments we theorised didn't exist, so it was a great learning process for us. By tracking a customer's behaviour from the outset, we can establish their need immediately and then serve them based upon that need. This was our most important learning from the whole exercise."

Jericho - Customer Experience Consultancy
Jouni Oksanen
Senior Vice President, eCommerce, Sales and Marketing

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Jericho is an “everything customer facing” customer experience consultancy, with extensive experience gained from working with clients on a broad spectrum of projects. And these range from large scale engagements, such as remodelling and repositioning a company to meet its customers’ expectations, through to smaller scale operational optimisation assignments.

We work with organisations to increase value for both their customers and shareholders, not only delivering increased levels of customer satisfaction, but also more profit from each customer relationship. For over ten years, Jericho is a Customer Experience consultancy that companies across the globe have relied upon. 

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Jericho - Customer Experience Consulting
Jericho - Customer Experience Consultancy