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It's About The Journey (And we're here to help you stay on track)

At Jericho, we understand that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path:

1. Knowing the path 1. Knowing the path

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2. Walking the path 2. Walking the path

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3. Now, walk the path... 3. Now, walk the path...

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Customer Experience…

…can be measured by looking at the difference between what the customer expects from an organisation and what they actually get. From the perspective of a customer, this might only be a judgement made on the basis of a single interaction, yet for other customers the judgement might be based on their overall experience, determined by all of their dealings with the company and its people over time. This end-to-end chronological view of the relationship is also known as the customer life-cycle. For some, Customer Experience might just be a solitary ‘moment of truth’, yet for others it could be based on a complete customer journey.

Companies work hard to improve their service performance, however Customer Experience is impacted by much more than the Customer Service they receive. The experience a customer gets is also driven by the product they buy; the price they pay for it, all of the people they deal with, the processes that they go through and anything that they might see, hear, smell, taste and touch as part of that experience. The experiences we have come from all of our senses. So, every single interaction a customer has with an organisation, be that seeing an advertisement,  smelling the food in a restaurant or receiving a bill or statement, has an impact on the customer’s experience. For this reason, every single person within your business has a direct or indirect impact on the customer experience, from the Managing Director of the company to the person sweeping the floors at the end of the shift.

Customer Experience Management is about closing the gaps between expectations set by your brand’s promises and the customer’s perceived reality throughout their journey with you. Jericho works with some of the world’s leading brands to develop transformational programmes that not only increase top and bottom line commercial performance, but also deliver world-class customer experience change.

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