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In January 2020, Jericho signed a distribution deal with Mexican SaaS VoC platform provider Limetropy. 

Sometimes you meet new people and it just clicks…

Jericho has signed a distribution agreement with our good friends at Limetropy. Originally established in Mexico, Limetropy are now expanding their international reach, and Jericho are a significant part of that plan. 

Limetropy is a state-of-the-art VoC (Voice of the Customer) feedback platform, which partially runs on IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence technology. It has everything that you would expect from a VoC platform, including intuitive dashboards, easy to programme surveys, closed-loop complaint resolution, etc.. However there are three other reasons why we love Limetropy so much…

1. The VoC platform ties in so beautifully with what we do at Jericho. After or as part of Customer Experience transformation activity, Limetropy can be set up to mirror a Customer Journey framework, thereby ensuring that there is absolute synchronicity between what a business changes and what it measures on an ongoing basis.

2. Limetropy are not techies or researchers… Not to say there is anything wrong with being a techie or a researcher, however in our experience, other VoC companies can sell in the technology and then leave a client high-and-dry to build their own programme. As seasoned CX professionals, the Limetropy team are with you through thick and thin, working with both Jericho and clients to drive the best possible outcomes from the technology.

3. Limetropy is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market. It can do pretty much everything that some of the more established platforms can do, but for a fraction of the cost. 

So, if you are looking to set up VoC as part of a larger CX programme, or are simply wanting to replace an existing platform, Jericho & Limetropy can help you make that happen both quickly and easily. 

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We’ve had a relationship with travel and airline IT solution provider Amadeus since 2016, working with their clients to improve the customer experience of their passengers. 

Amadeus understand the importance of not only gaining their clients’ trust, but also about how solving a client’s business problem comes down to more than simply selling in some technology. This being the case, Amadeus have established a consultancy team that focuses on business consulting rather than solutions consultancy. 

Over the past four years Jericho has had the pleasure of not only helping Amadeus to establish an in-house customer experience consulting proposition, but also of supporting them in the delivery of consulting projects with a number of different high-profile clients in the airline space. 

Themed around the film Fight Club, CX Club is Jericho’s vlogging platform, exploring the subject of end-to-end Customer Experience transformation.

Like Fight Club, but with more CX… and less fighting!

That being said, CX Club isn’t looking to pull any punches…

Although the people in the discussion never actually come to blows, CX Club has been established as a space where CX professionals can debate serious and controversial questions about the state of the CX world today.

To be honest, the CX world has grown fat & lazy. It started out being about the experience of customers, but has been reduced to a series of metrics, IT platforms & magical jazz hands. Screw that!

If the experience of the customer can be impacted by everything the business does, why is everyone not involved in CEM?

If we functionalise CEM, are we not just creating another organisational silo?

How can we reduce CX expertise into a 2 day course and a 1 day qualification, when Accountants take at least 3 years to qualify?

CX management needs practices such as Profiling, Segmentation, Personae Building, Journey Mapping, Transformation & Measurement (CSAT, VoC, NPS, etc.), but when did it it stop being about having the right mindset/ philosophy?

Wanna join? We’re an eclectic bunch, but our entry standards are high. We thumb our nose at faux CX.

And the others? Watch out! We’re coming for you…

CX Club topics are as follows:

1. CX Principles – Fundamental CX truths
2. Leadership
3. Profiling – creating a single customer view
4. Segmentation – identifying groups of common customers by wants and needs
5. Strategic Planning – setting objectives and delivering them via a strategic plan
6. People & Culture – getting & keeping your people on board
7. Organisational Behaviour & Design
8. Organisational Learning
9. Personae Building – evolving segments into personae to establish a complete emotional picture of customer groupings
10. Customer Journey Mapping – build a strong chronological understanding of the customer, including the identification of pain points, moments of truth, commercial opportunities and wow opportunities
11. Tactical (Functional) Alignment – getting functions to own and co-own transformation
12. Transformation – Managing the organisation’s change agenda
13. Branding & Communications – CX isn’t just about changing, but also about making a corresponding promise to the customer
14. Measurement – including CSAT, NPS, VoC, CES & NetEasy. CX Dashboards too

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Linkedin’s fist virtual rock band! 

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, on the back of Ian from Jericho uploading a video on LinkedIn of him drumming from his home office, a few CX professionals decided to ‘virtually get together’ to start producing online musical collaborations. And so, Project Lockdown was born…

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Here are the final results from the first two tracks: