Firing customers – Are we looking at this right?

May 14, 2016

Over the past few years, there has been quite a bit of discussion about the principle of sacking or firing customers. A recent article by Adrian Swinscoe that asks whether we should fire, rate or educate customers reminded me of a personal view that I first ‘aired’ at the Satmetrix conference in London in 2014. In his article, Adrian makes reference to Fred Reichheld, of NPS fame, who initially spoke


A Shedload of Trouble – Tigersheds Revisited

August 12, 2015

It has been three months since my last blog relating to Tigersheds and a lot has happened in the interim. Although my issue has been resolved, it would appear that other people are having similar problems to me. Within a couple of days of my first blog post, I received a phone call from a man at Tigersheds who said that they would like to discuss the issue with me.


Tigersheds – Tiger, Tiger, burning dull – a tale of terrible Customer Service

May 14, 2015

Now, I don’t usually do this, as it is not within my interest as a Customer Experience consultant to ‘go public’ on a bad experience that I have, however this has been SO bad that I thought it would be wrong not to share it. Please see the video below and read the communications underneath. ________________________ From: Ian Williams Sent: 14 November 2014 09:45 To: Subject: Leak in cabin


Doing the Opposite, Part 3: Deliberately Making Mistakes…

October 19, 2014

The next two parts of the ‘Doing the Opposite’ series focus on the subjects of ‘deliberately making mistakes’ and ‘unlimited staff holidays’, the second of which we will come onto in the next blog. Both are quite controversial and require an element of ‘tongue in cheek’, however they do have some interesting principles that could be of genuine interest to contemporary business. Now just to get things straight – I’m not


Doing the Opposite, Part 1: Stop Using AHT as a Performance Metric

October 6, 2014

Conventional thinking is there for a reason. Convention isn’t always wrong. Sometimes ‘tried and tested’ is the right way to go. Yet history tells us that convention can be dangerous too. Much of the basis of modern logic is built around the principles of disproving convention through thesis and antithesis. As it turns out, the moon isn’t made of cheese and the earth isn’t flat. Who would have thought? Yet





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