A Shedload of Trouble – Tigersheds Revisited

It has been three months since my last blog relating to Tigersheds and a lot has happened in the interim. Although my issue has been resolved, it would appear that other people are having similar problems to me.

Within a couple of days of my first blog post, I received a phone call from a man at Tigersheds who said that they would like to discuss the issue with me. We scheduled a call for the following day, as I had a lot on that day.

The next day I received a call from a very well spoken and reasonable young man – let’s call him John – who positioned himself as being the line manager of the young woman I had been dealing with up until then. The conversation was surprising considering the nature of the communications I had been having with the company previously. He started by saying that he was sorry for what had happened and that he was embarrassed about what I had been through and how the company had treated me. John suggested that in all the other dealings between me and the company, protocol hadn’t been followed and the issue should have been referred to him far earlier than it was. It felt a little bit like he was suggesting that the woman – let’s call her Lisa – had been to blame for not adhering to a process, although he didn’t say that directly.

John offered to send someone out to replace the roofing felt free of charge, which was a complete 180 degree change from their previous position. However it did not finish there. He also said that for an extra £100, they would upgrade the installation from roofing felt to shingles, although the price differential between the two solutions was usually £700. But that wasn’t the end of it. Knowing that I was a customer experience consultant, he also asked whether I would be interested in coming in to see them on a paid basis to review their customer service practices.

I was immediately cautious by this final offer and suggested that we should wait until the issue was resolved so see how everything panned out. I also told him that I would not be removing any of my blogging or social media posts on the basis of the offer. John told me that he didn’t want to influence my decision on that front and that it was my decision how I treated my social media communications relating to Tigersheds.

To be honest, at this stage I was very impressed. Not only did it look like my issue was going to be resolved, but John was handling things beautifully from a Public Relations perspective as well.

Within a couple of weeks, the shingles had been delivered and one of their subcontracted installers (and his mate) had been to fix the shingles. Whilst he was there, he told me that it was the roofing felt rather than the installation that had been substandard; and that although Tigersheds (also known as Tigerbox and Woodlands) had been incredibly successful over the past few years, they had become victims of their own success. It seemed as if I was not the only person who had been having issues from a Customer Service perspective.

On a personal note, however, the good news is that the shingles look great and are working. No more leaks!

A few days after the installation, I received an email from John asking whether I was happy with everything. I replied stating that I was; and also offered to pop up to Leeds to review their Customer Service  practices, as previously discussed. This is where the alarm bells began to ring.

John replied to my emails by thanking me for my offer of help, but stating that they had already had a review and that they were confident that they were getting on top of things, and therefore didn’t need my offer of help. Although I wasn’t disappointed in the lost opportunity, I did wonder whether they had just been paying lip service to the issue and had previously just used the offer to get me on side. Nevertheless, I thought nothing of it and cast the entire matter into my memory banks.

A few weeks later, I was contacted by another Tigersheds’ customer – let’s call her Jane – saying that she had quality problems with her shed and was interested to know whether I had had resolution. It turned out that she had been having discussions with them over a period of time about the shed they had delivered; and that they were pretty much ignoring her on a Customer Service front. She had done quite a bit of research, finding out that John was actually the Web Manager (rather than Customer Service or Operations) and had also found the name of the Managing Director – a chap called Ross Moran – and had written to him to complain. But to no avail! She is currently pursuing a claim via her credit card company. A summary of her experiences is as follows:

“I called twice, emailed 3 times, and sent a recorded letter to Ross Moran (signed for on 24 July). I have heard nothing. I have rejected my workshop, and in the process of a chargeback claim with my credit card company. Happy to be mentioned, but only anonymously at this stage as I don’t want it to affect my claim. My emails where I initially to advise of finding the faults and seeking replacements panels. After being ignored, I rejected the item whilst I have the timeframe to do so under the sale of goods act (and distance selling regs). Still waiting for them to pick the pile of sticks that is supposed to be a workshop up.

Awful company.“

Then about a week later I was contacted by another disgruntled Tigersheds’ customer – let’s call her Tessa – who wrote to me advising that she too was having terrible problems with Tigersheds. Her initial email was as follows:

“Dear Ian – I have just found your blog on Tiger Sheds and wondered whether they had resolved the problem?  Did you hear back from trading standards and do you by any chance know the name of the MD of this company.  I took delivery of a shed last Tuesday and 6 out of 9 panels were damaged.  It’s a long story but I too have reported them to trading standards and have raised the Sale of Goods Act with them, yet they are ignoring me.  They are the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with and having been a training consultant in Customer Care for 15 years, training some of the largest companies in the world, I am aghast at their appalling customer service which they claim to be ‘Award Winning’.  I really would love some feedback as my next course of action will probably be the small claims court too.  Have you pursued this route yet?  Kind regards Tessa”

I started communicating with her and she provided the following update and a timeline of her experiences:

“Dear Ian

Apologies for the delay in sending you a breakdown of my experiences with Tiger Sheds.  Our daughter’s 21st has been like the Queen’s birthday; it has gone on and on!

I don’t think I have ever been so frustrated with a company before, who hide behind their website’s inaccurate and downright false claims and have such appalling customer service standards.

So glad you managed to get your problem sorted out; I don’t think I am going to be so lucky.  I have also had an email from Jane (I put Tessa & Jane in contact with each other) and am looking to have a conversation with her this evening regarding her nightmare problems.

Best wishes


A potted version of my experience with Tiger Sheds

  • Mini Dutch Barn order on 19 May.  Started production on 20th May with estimate of 20 days manufacture.  Shed was not completed in time and because of the delay in manufacture and our vacation clash, the shed arrived on 7th July.  Hugely inconvenient as daughter’s 21st party planned for the 18th and the shed needed to be in place.
  • Initial inspection of the first main panel showed damage on the base, either done at the factory or in transit and a number of major splits in the wood.
  • Contacted Tiger Sheds and spoke to Lisa (apparently Head of Customer Service) who asked me to send her pictures.  Duly done.  I reiterated the need for any rectifications to be arranged as a matter of urgency because of the forthcoming party and the following week would be too late.
  • Further inspection of other panels indicated further damage again done in transit or at the factory and additional splits in the wood.
  • Called Lisa immediately but she was too busy.  Member of staff I spoke to told me to get my husband to fill in the splits as if it were returned to the factory, this is what they would do and resend it out!!  Also advised that Lisa would email me that evening to confirm the action they would take.  No email received!
  • Called the following morning; Lisa was too busy to speak to me.  Not getting that warm fuzzy customer satisfaction feeling from a company with supposed ‘Award Winning Customer Service’.
  • Eventually received an email from Lisa on the afternoon of 8th July advising me that the splits were a feature of the wood and totally natural (suppressed guffaw from me) but not acknowledging the damage.  Offered a replacement panel but not until 16th July.  21st party on 18th so rejected the offer and also highlighted that we had further inspected the other panels and found other areas of damage.  Expressed my disappointment in the shed and asked her what solution they could suggest to turn this situation around.
  • Waited for a response to my email to Lisa – received nothing.
  • Re-wrote to Lisa on 10th July asking for a response to my email of the 8th and also highlighting that 6 out of the 9 panels were damaged with broken wood and pieces broken off, plus the considerable number of splits in the panels which if were not filled in would let water into the shed.  I invoked the Sales of Goods Act which states that the retailer must either repair or replace faulty goods within a reasonable time without causing significant inconvenience.  I explained that with their delay in manufacture and our forthcoming celebration, they had caused significant inconvenience and under this law I am therefore claiming a reduction on the purchase price.
  • No response to my email, so resent on 14th July.  Still no response!
  • Tiger Sheds advertise their products as being the
  • Highest Quality Online
  • Best value for money online,
  • Award Winning Customer Service
  • They may be the best online in terms of value but I guess it’s a case of buyer beware as the quality of wood used is appalling.
  • 0 out of 10 to Tiger Sheds!

Another update email from Tessa:

“Hi Ian

Glad you got my information; please feel free to use the content.

I did hear from Jane and we had a good chat about our experiences with Tiger Sheds.  The Managing Director is called Ross Moran. Jane has now sent off a letter rejecting the shed and I will be interested to know how this plays out.  I will be writing to him too but whereas Jane wants the shed removed and a full refund, I will be looking for a reduction in the cost for a sub-standard product which we have had to repair substantially to make it rain proof.

I will do this before putting up any feedback but it appears Jane has already left her negative feedback.  I want to give Mr Moran a chance to put things right, so a letter will be sent this week.  You might be interested in the link below which is an interview with Mr Moran.  It is a family business and I shall be keen to point out the beliefs he purports to hold and how they do not play out in terms of the product and service Tiger Sheds offer.


If they don’t respond, the next action will be the feedback forums and I hope you will still be happy with my pasting your blog link onto this?

I will let you know of any outcome I receive.

Kind regards


Another update from Tessa:

“Hi Ian

Thought you’d like to know that I sent a recorded delivery letter to Ross Moran last week.  It arrived with them on 5th August and guess what, no response.  I have found a telephone number for them, other than their 0845 number and have been given the name of John ###### as the Manager responsible for customer issues.   I was told that the MD doesn’t deal with customer complaints!  Just wondered whether Mr ########  was the chap that spoke to you?  I am giving them a few more days before I start with my feedback on line and then I intend to find every forum I can to express my disgust with this company.    Negative emotions are contagious, but if Tiger Sheds really don’t care about their customers, I feel duty bound to warn others against this shoddy organisation.

I believe Jane has instigated the credit card claim back process as she too hasn’t heard from Ross Moran.  

Thought it was worth letting you know that Customer Service seems positively scarce at Tiger Sheds and the indifference obviously comes from the top and is filtered down!!

Best wishes


Finally, a summary of Tessa’s experiences is as follows:

“… (I am) another disgruntled customer with 6 panels out of a 9 panel shed that were damaged, broken and split and had to be filled before being erected otherwise it would not have been weatherproof.  After being ignored by the Head of Customer Services, the fact that the MD also doesn’t care and ignores a recorded delivered letter is just priceless.“

So, considering the experiences of both ‘Tessa’ and ‘Jane’ and the attitude and behaviour of ‘Lisa’ and ‘John’ – not to mention the lack of involvement from Ross Moran – it would appear that Tigersheds either do not care, have a lot of problems or both! It would seem that my initial experience with ‘John’ was indeed just them paying lip service to the issue.

As I have previously mentioned, I do not like showcasing poorly performing companies and I have to praise the (eventual) quality and resolutions relating to my own cabin ; however it would seem that other people are now being affected by Tigersheds’ substandard products and customer service. It seems as if I have a duty of care!

Let’s see how many more people crawl out of the woodwork… ?

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  1. Hi I am just in the process of starting off a complaint to Tiger Sheds re substandard materials and very shoddy workmanship and this blog has given me advanced warning of what could happen. I will not back down, eventhough the shed was only £250 it is not fit for purpose and substandard. My mother bought this for me and she is 78 years old so I will fight tooth and nail via the relevant legislation to get a satisfactory result i.e. a partial reimbursement of the cost of the shed to be assessed against the cost of making the shed fit for purpose. Wish me luck

  2. Just arrived home to find our new shed wedged between the caravan and the house. They’d arrived early. The delivery instructions were clear, between 12 and 2 knock on the front door for instructions to the backs for delivery. So I now have a shed that I can’t move, I’m disabled, and it’s too big to go through the house.
    Rang tigershed who were useless. Told to email them. I won’t hold my breath. Oh and various parts are broken.

  3. Hi, i realise this blog is quite old but i think it worth while you updating on this terrible company. Just look at the reviews on Trust-pilot and Google. I had to get a charge back from my bank as i paid on a debit card and not a credit card. Luckily my bank were just as appalled with this company as i am.

    1. Hi I’ve just found this page
      I’m wondering how successful you were getting the charge back as I’m having a horrendous time with this company loads of missing parts failing to answer emails and not sending out the missing parts even though I’ve spoke to them around 7 times
      I too paid by debit card
      £4.200 but I had to buy the parts I was missing as I had water pouring in the roof and I have electrics installed so this cost me another £700 and this is the amount I’ve submitted on my charge back paperwork

  4. Hi, well i wish i had found this site before i bought my shed with Tiger Sheds. i bought my shed about a year ago 20 x 10 foot cost £2146.98 so not cheap. There are now several cracked panels also tongue has separated away from the grove. i have had to use silicone filler as the gaps are at least 1 inch wide. I have been in contact with Alison but I’am getting nowhere. I have spoken to my credit card company but because it is over 120 days they will not refund. i have even asked someone to come and have a look but to no avail. The shed is supposed to be guaranteed for 20 years. I have now sent them a letter of breach of contract and consumer rights sections so i will wait and see what happens. I am going through my house insurance as i have Legal cover. If there is no response in 14 days a solicitor will be involved as i cant afford to replace.

    1. So sorry to hear that Patricia. Tiger Sheds have asked me several times to remove my negative reviews and YouTube posts, but I refused for exactly this reason. When they decide that they want to take Customer Service & Experience seriously, then I may reconsider. Stick to your guns an keep on going. If you ever would like a chat, I’m very happy to take a call. Best of luck!

      1. Oh Ian, thank you so much! I’m so glad I found you….. I was just about to call Tiger Sheds to order an 12 x 8 shed. I’m one for researching fully before purchasing. But they nearly had me. Trustpilot reviews are practically 100% positive. My anxiety problem would have killed me off if I dared to order from these dreadful people. Can you recommend an alternative company ? Thanks again.

  5. Hi Ian,
    I have just come across your blog whilst trying to search for Tiger Sheds CEO and then read the rest of your posts.
    It seems as a company they have reverted to type, certainly if you read their most recent Trust Pilot reviews. We ordered our shed on 19th May with delivery date for 29th June and the shed duly arrived on time, which is to their credit given the current pandemic situation. Later in the day I unpacked said 4×12 shed and started treating the floor panels, or so I thought!
    My wife had ordered an apex shed, and it transpires that two of the floor panels are actually pent roof panels, so we have 1 floor panel (4×4). We are also missing the apex roof panels and one of the felt rolls was badly damaged on delivery, and we have some end pieces, but not sure what they’re for, as we were sent instructions for a pent roof shed. They have provided glass windows (apparently an extra) when we would have preferred perspex as we have 4 children 8 or under who are liable to break them with balls etc).
    Tried to call them to report the issues but phone rang out past their closing time with no answer. Tried the following morning and gave up after an hour and eventually got hold of them largely due to the M5 being closed and stuck in a monumental traffic jam with nothing else better to do. To be fair to the lady I spoke to she emailed my wife back and ordered the replacement parts having initially given us the choice of a pent roof or apex shed. I said we’d prefer pent, so they are sending apex roof stuff! I called to check a few days later to find that they had the new order wrong, but said delivery could take between 20 and 24 working days. Tried again today to check if the order is correct and they can no longer give me a delivery time, but will offer no compensation, and when asked to speak to a manager or have contact details simply refused and I could email them and he would pass on my complaint. I’m now wondering if that would actually happen.
    I’ve worked in front line customer service for 25 years, and never in my dealings have I come across a company so obstructive and unwilling to help. I was always taught that if you make a mistake how you deal with that mistake can change a customer from being dissatisfied to being an advocate for your company and brand, but you have to act fast and deal effectively with their issues. At this point in time I don’t see our complaint being resolved soon, but I shall wait and see.

  6. I ordered a 3m x 5m bespoke cabin at the end of June. I have paid a £1000 deposit. I was told the lead time was 45 days, I am now on day 57 and in all that time, not once have they tried to contact me. I have called 4 times, only to be told someone will be calling me on Monday, that’s 3 in a row now and guessing it will be 4 this week. I understand the difficulties people are experiencing due to COVID-19 but it does not stop people from communicating. I cannot get through to anyone, even called 47 times in one day. When I do get through, no one seems to know anything. This is really worrying

    1. Hi Lee,

      I was just wondering if you finally received your cabin back in 2020 and if so how did you get on with the build, quality etc?

  7. Purchased a 4×8 shed paid in full up front, on arrival very poorly packed on a pallet, when erecting it one of the double doors wouldn’t go on , the only way it would fit was upside down ! then the hinges and lock were on the wrong way ! my neighbour had to take a slat/brace off to make it fit but it still didn’t go back together properly, the end slats were shaped like bananas ! Very disappointed with the shed, I’v emailed them but no reply only a customer satisfaction survey 🙁

  8. Hi there
    I seem to have similar issues to most people on this thread. Took delivery of our shed at the end of July; one of the roof panels was straight so did not fit. I immediately informed the company by phone and followed up with an email and images. They apologised and said they would send a new roof panel out within 10 – 15 days. That passed and again I contacted them by phone and email and eventually I received an email saying my panel would be delivered this week (over 6 weeks later). Today the courier arrived with…. a roll of felt and a door lock? Not the panel I had been expecting. Another 30mins trying to get through then being cut off and I’m emailing again.
    I plan on contacting my credit card company tomorrow and seeking a refund for these faulty goods.
    Customer service at the company is non existent and all the staff I spoke to blamed other people. I was also told that it was pointless making a complaint as nothing would get done!

  9. Hi
    We ordered our shed May 22nd and it was not delivered until 7th of September with the back panel far too small for the shed, we have phoned, emailed, sent photographs as requested to no avail, I asked to have my last call escalated to a manager and was told “no manager for 3hours” I asked for a refund and was told I wouldn’t get one until the shed had been picked up and they couldn’t give me a timescale on either the shed being picked up or the correct panel being delivered, the customer service team can’t contact the logistics team to find any information, I actually felt as though the male I spoke to was threatening me, he advised he would get a manager to call back within 72hours then hung the phone up on me, this was 3 days ago and I’ve heard nothing any advice would be much appreciated

  10. I can’t believe this page was created 5 years ago but the problems with Tiger Sheds still rumbles on.

    We ordered a shed on 22nd May and it was finally delivered yesterday. Well, I saw delivered, dumped is more accurate.

    Despite having both of our mobile numbers, no one called to say they were coming early (we’re self employed 3 mins away from home) and I can see why they did call us!

    We arrived home 40 minutes before the start of our time slot to find the panels (over a tonne of timber) had been propped up against 2 empty bins and a buddleia bush causing so much damage, it’ll have to be cut down.

    Every single panel (apart from the roof panels) is damaged. The wood is either split, scuffed, snapped and screws are sticking out and are bent beyond use.

    The door only had one catch (that holds its l closed if unlocked). The other one was on the garden path but hadn’t ever been screwed in to the door.

    The panels are also full of holes where the knots have fallen out. To fill those in would then require repainting to match it all up.

    We’ve sent them an email with photos stating that we’d never have accepted the shed in that condition. We’ve requested they collect it and refund us.

    We’re within the 14 days for cancelling the contract, not only with Distance Selling Regulations, but their own written T&Cs.

    I’m not holding my breath given that one customer on Trustpilot has been told they’ve got a backlog of 3000 emails.

    It’s a shame because but for the fact it’s arrived damaged, for a budget shed (8×6 for about £350ish), it looks incredibly sturdy and I think it would look great put together.

  11. Hi Ian,
    It would appear you have more complaints since I last had occasion to write to you. Toger Sheds seem to be outdoing themselves at the moment, and I have set up a Tiger Sheds Complaints page on Facebook, with the hope that some joint social media attention might bring them to their senses!
    It would appear that they are now aware of my group and are monitoring it, and over the last few days I have had my suspicions that a few stooges have joined the ranks. They are easy to spot as they don’t seem to have a bad word to say about them and defend them! My argument would be that you can’t defend the indefensible, and why would you join a group named Tiger Sheds Complaints if you didn’t have a complaint!
    I guess this situation will remain ongoing, as it has since your first blog about this 5 years ago. Maybe you could suggest again availing them of your services, as they appear to need them more now than ever!

  12. Hi
    Wish I had read all of these messages before buying…..
    My 8×6 shed was delivered on the 25/9 (after waiting 18 weeks but that was ok as I new there would be a waiting list after lockdown).
    Upon delivery, the driver told me that the front gable was missing (so no door) and I had the wrong side panel, instead of sending it all back – which I clearly should have now, I wrongly assumed they would leap into action and deliver the correct bits.
    So here I am, nearly a month later, still with no front, and the wrong side of the shed, and a pile of wood on my patio that I can’t build, several phone calls to chase (again today) with no updates or emails in all this time, I asked for a refund but was told would have to wait a long time as the refund would only be made after collection, I live a long way from them so I suspect they won’t be in a rush to collect.
    Now getting in touch with my credit card company to see if they do anything.
    Terrible customer service, no escalation process, no managers ever available.

  13. I would never recommend Tigersheds to anyone not even my worst enemy. I ordered my “potting shed” on the 29th April this year, it took until 13th August to deliver the panels to find that they door was on the wrong end (this product is asymmetric so they cannot just be put on the end you want). I had been in communication with them 3 or 4 times in the intervening time of order to delivery and asked and they had confirmed the end the door was on was correct. Obviously they lied or didn’t bother to check as when it arrived in the flesh it was the wrong orientation. Fast forward several phone calls and it is the 2nd November and still no panels with the correctly orientated door. They cannot confirm if the panels have even been manufactured. They blame everything on COVID19, I know its been a tough year (I work in the NHS on the front line and have looked after these patients first hand) but I don’t see how they can possibly blame another 3 month delay to manufacture and deliver the correctly orientated end panels on the virus when others have had their sheds delivered. I have tried to be polite I have asked to speak to more senior members of their teams and not had the call back I have requested.

    In short do NOT order from this company their customer service is appalling and I can’t tell you about the quality of the product as I can’t build it yet, it is pieces of wood lying around my garden.

    I am going to contact my credit card company regarding a refund as the product breaches sales of goods contract and I can’t use it in its current format. I feel that I have been more than patient and have given ample opportunity for them to resolve the matter.

  14. I can’t believe this feedback. We are in the middle of having a horrendous ordeal with Tigersheds / Tigerbox / Woodhouse – whoever, they are! There is no listing at Companies House for Tigershed. We can’t even get our shed delivered. It was ordered June 2020, with a 10-12 week lead time quoted. Tiger tiger happily took payment in full approx. £2250. When I called in August to get a delivery date, I was told earliest possible date was 25.11.2020. 5 Months after ordering. I went with it, purely because they cited COVID-19, but now I see this is just their usual style and service for the last five years. Anyway, as you can guess, the shed did not arrive on planned date, even though we rang in the morning and checked, they confirmed it was on its way! I had installers ready. It never came. They said the delivery driver called in sick. However, they didn’t appear to know that when they told me the sick driver had already left and was on his way! Now I don’t know whether to cancel purchase completely….. especially after reading your posts…. about bad quality. HELP.

    1. Tiger Sheds is a trading name of Woodlands Home & Garden Group Limited. Registered address: Calverley Lane, Rodley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS13 1NP. Company Reg No. 132673 (England & Wales). VAT No. 886 5322 88

      1. Thank you for the information I think I’m almost at the stage of the legal proceedings. Having wasted over £5000. I wish I’d seen your site first!

    2. Tiger Sheds is a trading name of Woodlands Home & Garden Group Limited. Registered address: Calverley Lane, Rodley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS13 1NP. Company Reg No. 132673 (England & Wales). VAT No. 886 5322 88

  15. 29 weeks still no sign of a cabin no returned calls or emails responded to I’m furious with this company

  16. I’m just writing my complaint to Ross Moran after 21 emails to customer services, some answered some not, most repeating the same thing, requesting the same info already sent. Shocking service.

  17. Re: Ticket#: 31505






    WHEN WILL I GET WHAT I PAID YOU FOR ???????????????????????


  18. I placed my order for a potting shed and paid in full together with an installation fee. six months later the shed has been delivered – no covid precautions taken by driver who had begun to off load it in to my front garden. He hadn’t rung the doorbell but tapped on the window. Sine then I have been unable to get an installation date. No-one answers the phone or e-mails, apart from one standard, automated e-mail. Apalling level of service. Have asked for shed to be collected and money refunded.

  19. I was thinking of purchasing a 8′ x 8′ Summerhouse from Tigersheds as the company from which I had previously bought a very good garden shed didnt offer want I wanted in their brochure. However I had a few queries about the glazing and so I tried to contact Tigersheds and (luckily) got nowhere. I sent 3 emails which were not replied to in over a week and when I rang, their answer machine advised to just send an email – and blamed Covid for everything. This obviously raised doubts about Tigersheds.
    I gave up and contacted directly my original preferred company – they changed their standard design to suit me at no extra cost – all done over the phone on the day – delivery in 6 weeks. (no Covid excuses).
    Having now seen all these issues regarding Tigersheds I feel very lucky I went somewhere else.

  20. Hi there, I too like many others bought an 8 x 6 tiger flex pent shed back in October 2020, convinced by the great reviews, the super long guarantee but by god wish I hadn’t. The delivery guy dropped it off the pallet, I am disabled and my 13-year-old son had to help him unload it. Not being able to get out and see what had actually happened I thought it must be fine as the driver would have said. Turns out a roof panel was warped and parts missing, called tiger sheds and was told to email images and they would sort it out straight away. With such good reviews, I did not doubt this. It was almost two months of constant calls and emails which were ignored even when stating my consumer rights they said they wanted more pictures. I had to fashion a flat roof with what I had been supplied to make it waterproof, the felt is such bad quality does not keep it watertight. The company started saying the panel is not warped it is the shed that is not square and level. Despite photos with spirit levels and measurements and angles all checked. Just a delay tactic. Then a different person emails and asks the same things all over again. I started a chargeback and it would seem after a call yesterday, someone has been brought in to deal with just complaints. She started in January and just got to me, not surprising when you see the growing facebook group of disgruntled customers. I have been offered to have things sorted out but I have no faith in the company or the product, this is probably just another delay tactic. The panels leak, there is mould growing, the quality is shocking. I am sticking with the chargeback as if I don’t I would have to seek legal action and after 6 months of this, I really cannot cope with that. I would say search tiger shed complaints before purchasing.

  21. Ive had a tiger shed shed just coming up on 3 years and to be fair it was in good condition when delivered, i treated it and bitumen painted underside of base and roof before felting, its been treated every year but one panel has shrunk continuoulsy, after first 8 month there was just a small part where it had shrunk back and there was a gap between tongue and groove above but as its shrunk more theres now 6 planks on that one panel all shrunk back to point theres gaps and its warped where they aren tholding each other in alignment, ive noticed that that one panel overhangs base by2-3 cms more than otherside likes its where they were spaced out when building. i rang the helpline but was told warpage and shrinkage is natural in wood and ill just have to buy the spre planks they sell on their website to fix it myself!! the fact they have a page for buying replacement planks and studs speaks volumes

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