CX Club – Round 9 – Company Culture

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In this next video in the CX Club series, Adrian Snook from Learning Accelerators and Ian Williams from Jericho look at company culture in terms of the way it relates to customer experience. Is there such a thing as a single company culture? #customerexperience #cx #cem #culture #companyculture _________________ Ian: Hello everyone and welcome to CX club. I’d like to welcome my esteemed colleague Adrian Snook from learning […]


CX Club – Round 2 – Agenda – Setting out the subject matter topics for #CXClub – 1st will be CX Principles

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CX Club is a series of videos designed to stimulate interactive discussions around the subject of the end-to-end Customer Experience transformation process, from the identification of individual customers, through understanding the wants and needs of those customers, right to the transformation of the business in order to better deliver against those wants and needs. However […]