#CX Club – Round 3 – CX Principles – CX isn’t something you do, CX isn’t CS, CX, Journeys & Stories

The first topic in CX Club is CX Principles and in this video we look at the first three of eleven principles:

A. CX isn’t something you do… – CX, unlike the other disciplines of the business, is not a function. It’s purely about what the customer ‘gets’ and is an outside-in view rather than inside-out. It’s about understanding the experience of the customer in terms of their interaction with the product, service and channel (sales, marketing & distribution) propositions of the organisation; and then finding ways of improving the experience to better meet the wants and needs of the customer.

B. CX isn’t Customer Service “on acid”! – A representative from the Institute of Customer Experience once described CX as “Customer Service on acid” and was taken to task by a group of CX professionals, who explained that the experience of the customer comes from interactions with the product, channel AND service propositions of the business, so is much larger than Customer Service

C. CX, journeys and stories – CX is unique, as it takes a chronological look at the relationship between the customer and the organisation. Organisations don’t often the look at themselves chronologically, but customers do all the time. When judging their experiences, they consider all interactions with the organisation over time, hence the importance of Customer Journeys. Stories are important too, as they highlight the emotional nature of experience. Chronology drives recollection, recollection drives nostalgia, nostalgia drives passion and passion drives relationships.

In the next video, we continue looking at CX Principles with:

D. CX is only as strong as the weakest point in the customer journey

E. Consistency is key

F. The role of the brand

G. CX is the gap between what the customer gets and what they expected to get

See you next time…