#CX Club – Round 4 – CX Principles (2) – As strong as the weakest link, consistency, brand & the gap

The first topic in CX Club is CX Principles and in this video we look at the second set of principles:

D. CX is only as strong as the weakest point in the journey – the customer can have a good end to end experience, but one bad experience across the journey can ruin the whole thing. If the mistake is made at a non-critical point (a pain point), the overall experience may be recoverable. However If a mistake is made at a critical point (a moment of truth), then the customer will judge the whole experience on the basis of that single interaction.

E. Consistency is key – Although you may want to differentiate experiences through segmentation & personalisation, you ideally want to create a consistent experience for the same customer every time they interact with you at the same point in the journey, irrespective of touch point. Consistency is key

F. The role of the brand – Fundamentally a brand is your promise and reputation. When you make a promise to the customer through your brand, you put your reputation on the line. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the business to deliver the customer experience to the customer via the product, service & channel propositions in line with the promise you make via your branding & communications activities. Remember – making no promise is not as bad as making a promise and then breaking it!

G. Customer Experience is the gap between what the customer gets and what the customer expects to get

In the next video, we look at the final four CX Principles, namely:

H. The customer has an experience and the company may only be responsible for part of it

I. You can’t help to deliver a great Customer Experience if your people are getting a bad Employee Experience

J. The ownership of Customer Experience K. The connection between Customer Experience & profit